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March 15th @ 7:30 
Kasi Aysola of Prakriti Dance (DC)
Good and Bad Women: Amba's Story

This work is inspired by the Mahabharata, and draws upon the infamous character Amba. Amba goes to any length to avenge herself in her quest to destroy the indestructible Bhisma, after she is ostracized due to unfair circumstances. This seemingly vengeful story, is quite a powerful one. It is social commentary on gender, specifically the role of women in Hindu mythology. What role do women play in society? What is deemed acceptable? Who holds the upper hand? Is there no more room in the world for acceptance of the different? No matter what adversity Amba faces in life, her inner resilience shines through, breaking boundaries and carrying her forward.

​Photo by Madhavi Arts Photography 

March 17th @ 7:30 
A collaboration by Preethi Ramaprasad, Sri Thina Subramaniam, Shruti Abhishek


What are the characteristics of a demon?  Preethi, Thina and Shruti Abhishek reexamine the antagonist, Ravana, from the ancient epic Ramayana. Traditionally portrayed as a villainous king who abducted the divine Sita, Ravana shared a unique bond with key female characters: his wife Mandodhari, his sister Shurpanakha, and Sita herself.  By exploring his story through their lens, “Ravana” delves into relevant issues of consent, erasure, and inequity from this timeless legend.  

March 18th @ 6:30 
Surabhi Bharadwaj
Carving a Niche - an interpretation of a devadasi's voice

The work interprets the voice of Devadasis, erstwhile performing-artists in Indian temples, who stood up for themselves against the norms of the society. These women bequeathed the ancient tradition of Indian dance and music to future generations. However, with change in socio-political conditions, their practice was abolished, targeting their unconventional lifestyle.

Photo by Abhinav Athreya

All of these excerpts will precede Broken Seeds (Still Grow). For tickets visit www.brokenseeds.com.